Exploring Cross-Cultural Complex Project Management in Dubai

Setting and Framework
The blog Dubai Triple-C PM stands for Cross-Cultural Complex Project Management in Dubai. It comprises a study on this matter. The blog is serving as a documentation and reflection platform.
Dubai Triple-C PM is part of a larger research project involving Systemic Excellence Group and Humboldt Viadrina School of Governance, both based in Berlin, Germany.
The two organizations recently opened up a new field of research with the title: ' Cross-Cultural Complex Project Management '
Dubai Triple-C PM is an individual research effort by Jan Lachenmayer, who is affiliated to both organizations being a consultant and researcher. He is partly granted by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IfA), Stuttgart, Germany.

Research Focus
How do projects constitute cross-culture complexity for themselves?
I am going to explore this question from a cultural studies and system sciences perspective.

Dubai: Cross-Culture and Complexity Par Excellence
Nowadays Dubai seems to be one of the fastest growing and changing places, where a multitude of projects can be found that seem to be complex and cross-cultural. Therefore I set-up this study conducting a series of qualitative open interviews with relevant players in the field – such as project managers, experts, etc. – in order to explore how they constitute and manage their realities.

Ethnomethodological Observation by Using the Blog as a Format
This study is organized in form of an ethnomethodological observation containing two interfolded phases: description and reflection.
Firstly, the interviews will be used to gain insights on how the players constitute and manage their reality of cross-cultural complex projects. The description of these observations will be posted in this blog, what I refer to as 1st order observation. I refer to 2nd order observation when it comes to reflections and sense-making from my side.
Secondly, this blog will be accessible to scientific experts and a qualified public, both being invited to reflect on these descriptions by posting comments on this blog. This is the 3rd order observation.

Fostering a Discourse on Cross-Culturality, Complexity, Projects, and Management
The aim of this blog is to establish a discourse of its own, where experts discuss and exchange opinions by commenting on comments, not just the original observation. If you are interested in the idea and cross-culture complex project management as such, then feel invited to venture this endeavor…

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